Child Development, Social, Emotional and Cognitive Skills and the Importance of Nursery School at an Early Age

As your child grows it is important to help them reach their unique individualism, the height of their social skills and special needs development if any, along with hone their distinctive personalities, learning styles and cognitive, emotional and physical developments. As parents, we sometimes find it difficult to let them fly far from our warm and fuzzy nests and land within the confines of nursery schools in Karama or preschools anywhere for that matter for fear that they may falter or feel abandon somehow. As parents and caregivers what we need to realize is children need this freedom to live up to their truest potential to learn their unique abilities, special skills, develop their utmost cognitive, physical and emotional gifts and become the social beings they were born to be. The daycare in Bur Dubai and nursery and preschools around the world can provide each child a unique and fulfilling perspective on the world if it provides the right enriching and thriving environment.

  • Structure and Play – When choosing a nursery school or daycare in Bur Dubai make sure that the structure has elements within it that apply to enriching and fulfilling much-needed elements such as a complete understanding of the world around them to incorporate different cultures, languages and communication styles. The environment should also be conducive to teaching and cultivate the development of your child’s unique needs of social, physical, emotional and very importantly their personal development. There should also be academic curriculum added into everyday nursery schools in Karama for a full-scale development plan such as mathematics, literacy programs for each age and
    progress range along with creative arts and active and imaginative play time. The most an important aspect of the entire growth potential and development plan is the assessment portion of the program.
  • Emotional, Social and Cognitive Development – Social and emotional development is imperative for primary school readiness as well as cognitive growth. Cognitive development increases memory, helps with problem-solving skills and decision-making ability, which are extremely valuable at a very young age before entering kindergarten as well. Finding a great daycare in Bur Dubai that teaches children about proper social interactions and developing emotional intelligence and increasing their social awareness helps them increase their empathy for others, how to share and cooperate with their peers and express their feelings in appropriate and meaningful ways. A very important element to consider when finding a good nursery school in Karama is to observe the teachers and headmistresses and headmasters and
    how they express themselves when the children are present. Children see everything and absorb and emulate what they observe so be sure those teaching the social, emotional and cognitive skills are displaying and reinforcing what you would like to see your child emulate. Another factor to consider is if there are ample praise and constructive reinforcement for positive behaviors and desirable outcomes performed by your child. Is the environment conducive to enforcing and praising good behaviors and performance like hanging artwork and showing your child’s good behavior charts and stars, etc. for the entire classroom to view so they can get a sense of accomplishment.
  • Day care in Bur Dubai – Every child is unique and special in their own little ways and they should be made to feel that way as often as possible. When you as their parent or caregiver are looking for a nursery school dubai or a daycare in Bur Dubai, be sure that you are looking into the program for social, emotional and cognitive growth potential for your child to help prepare them for primary school in the coming years. This type of program will most likely come in the form of structured play and some academic effort, but with help, your child will become accustomed to socializing with their peers and moving away from just being with family and you as their parent or caregiver. A great nursery or preschool will
    be a boundless stepping stone and an immeasurable benefit to your child emotionally, physically and cognitively for their future growth if chosen well.

This is all and even more what we take pride in offering at Banana Moon Nursery.