Things to bring on the First Day

We know that bringing your child to Nursery for the first time can be quite stressful for all concerned so to help we have compiled a short list of things for you to bring :

• A full water bottle each day
• Two complete sets of clothes – one will be kept in the nursery at all times, the other will be kept in the child’s school bag
• A reasonably sized school bag – not too big please
• An old t-shirt big enough to cover children’s clothes which will be used for artwork and kept in school
• A snack – healthy food please – no nuts or chocolate – in case your child initially will not eat the food we supply

Where applicable
• A supply of diapers to be kept in school
• Wet wipes to be kept in school
• Any creams or lotions that need to be applied
• Initially they may bring a favorite toy or comforter which might make settling in easier

We hope you find this list helpful and we look forward to seeing you and your child soon.