Our Classes

Babies’ Room

The babies’ room will accommodate babies aged between 4 months – 14 months. This room has a CCTV security system and also includes individual sleeping cots with the relevant child’s name and picture on it, a soft play mat and high chairs for feeding time. The adult to child ratio in the babies’ room is 1 adult: 2 babies. The activities in this area are predominantly sensory experiences and include painting, looking at books, playing peek-a-boo, playing with puppets, showing and playing with mirrors, and musical movements.

Toddler Class

The children in the Toddler room are between the ages of 14 months old – 2 years plus. Two year olds are very curious and love investigating the world around them so the room is well equipped with a good range of excellent and stimulating toys and games. The children have access to outdoor play and can enjoy gardening and physical activities and riding bikes. The adult to child ratio in the toddler class is 1 adult: 4 children.

Nursery Class

In the Nursery class the children are aged between 2 years – 3 years+. Each child is encouraged, during free play opportunities, to experience the wide range of areas available such as the book corner, construction corner, role play area, sand & water and a messy area. Focused activities are also provided through an extensive range of age appropriate toys and resources. The activities are planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which supports children in their early years and enables them to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. The adult to child ratio in the nursery class is 1 adult: 5 children.

Foundation Class

The children in this Foundation class are 3 years – 4 year+ and it is an area where independence is encouraged through free choice of excellent resources. The activities provided ensure children become active learners, encourage creativity and provide appropriate challenges. Our delivery of the curriculum through play and the continued monitoring of children’s progress ensure that children are fully prepared for entry to school. The adult to child ratio in the nursery class is 1 adult: 7 children.